Joe Lunardi just released his latest BRACKETOLOGY.


And I just did a dance around my cubicle.


3 Responses

  1. Even though you and I are both crazy UNLV fans this seems a bit too high. But hell I will go with it, if we could actually win a game in the Tourney I would be happier than Jack Bauer in a room with Osama.

  2. Oh one more comment. The guy on cbs.sportsline.com who does his own “top 25 plus one” thing every week has us at 22!!

  3. At this point rankings mean nothing. It’s all about RPI. And right now we are 12, which is why Lunardi put us as a 4 seed. Seriously, how many does does the selection committee make seedings that seem at odds with the top 25? Its becuase they are not looking at the top 25 they are looking at RPI, the last 10 games played, and your number of wins vs. the top 50 in the RPI. UNLV is 12 in RPI, he’s projecting us to either be 8-2 or 9-1 in our last ten games, and we have 5 wins vs the top 50 rpi (not including any victories we might get in the conference tourney vs BYU, Air Force, or even gasp SDSU). This seed is not too high, you have just been fooled by the polls. At this point, it might behoove us to root for SDSU to make a run at the tourney, and see the Mountain West get four teams. I am rooting for this becuase I am sick of all the MVC hype. If it were’nt for CSU, Wyoming, SDSU, and TCU playing cream puff schedules we’d be a more respected conference. Anyways, I’m happyy, and go SDSU.

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