my head hurts

Well I am learning some indirect lessons about ministry. My schedule is crammed with ministry obligations, seminary deadlines, marital moments, and devotion to my Lord. All of these things need time, and I am trying to balance them out. Oh and through work in there to. I think this is really a season of being refined. I have always been decent with my time. I struggle with procrastination just as much as anyone, but I usually try to get my work done in advance and be on top of things. Yet this season seems to be taking it to a new level, to the point really were I find myself literally mapping out to the fifteen minute increment how I can use my time during the day and get the most out of it. The James paper that I have hanging over my head is a huge reality that constantly screams for attention. So here I am giving myself to the Lord trying to be a good steward of my time and do what needs to be done. I spent about seven hours in the library today and it was fulfilling as I got a good start on my paper, but I am really at the point right now in which my brain literally hurts. I am going downtown right now to lead a service project to the Champa house. Which is a facility that provides long term transitional housing to single mom’s with no ability to provide for themselves. I hope I can be there mentality and give myself to them, just as Jesus would. Amen


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