Dr. D

If you haven’t yet, you should check out Devin Hudson’s blog.

Devin is the lead pastor of a parachute plant in North Las Vegas called Grace Point Church. In a really amazing way Devin has raised support for the church by establishing a network of different churches from all over the United States to help partner in the work God has called him to in Sin City. Grace Point went public in 2006, and they currently see 400 people come to church on Sundays. If I had the number specifically I would tell you, but they have baptized somewhere over 60 people. That is freakin unbelievable.

Devin has been blogging over the past few months regarding church planting. Now I have never met Andy Stanley, but I have no doubt that Devin could give him a run for his money. I have never interacted with such a phenomenal leader when it comes to vision and the follow through of that vision. In Devin’s case, the numbers don’t lie. While the Dr. and I have our differences (i.e. preaching philosophy) I have learned so much from the man and his blog. I hope you can too.


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