Sex God

Well Mr. Bell’s new book just came out yesterday, and being that I work at a bookstore and sometimes get a free copy of books, I lucked into a copy of “Sex God.” Yes this really is the title of the book. And since Crystal needed the house this morning to have breakfast with some friends I wondered over to Starbucks and decided to read some of Rob’s new book.

I would be remiss if this point if I did not mention that the cover of the book looks like it was designed by some cosmetic company and the sides of the pages are pink, this alone preaches something about the book that I will leave alone. As I opened up to look at the table of contents I noticed that Chapter 1 was entitled “God wears lipstick.” Now if I was one of the bloggers from Slice I am sure I would be ready to send anthrax to Rob right now in a neat little envelope (this is a joke, in no way am I saying anyone wants to commit acts of terrorism against Rob). So because this blog is titled “the prime rib” I figured this was going to be just another case of me living out my addiction to the prime rib theory (which by now we really should start calling law). As I got into it though, I really enjoyed it. The font, and format of each page is creative and enjoyable and his words are deep, profound and understandable at the same time. He is witty, generous, and full of amazing insight into sexuality. I have read the first four chapters and was really enjoying the book, even though I came to thinking I would not.

I am only about half way through and so far so good. Except one hiccup. Chapter five, which I am half way through, is his tacit endorsement and advocation of Arminianism. Here is a quote.

“A God who refuses to override our freedom, who respects our power to decide whether to reciprocate, a God who lets us make the next move” pg. 98.

I guess I will just have to push through this chapter and accept that mr. bell and I will not agree on everything theologically but he still is worth reading. The best way to sum it up so far is this. Just how we have both said Keller is everything we wished McLaren would be; well I feel that way about Bell its just that I have not discovered his reformed counterpart yet. Something I will pray about.


Vicky’s Secret Blog

I don’t know if you were aware, but Vicky has a secret blog. She and two good friends from Seattle set it up to keep in touch. It is actually, in my opinion, the most effective (and productive for that matter) use of a blog I have ever seen. One girl lives in Seattle, the other in Vegas, and the other in Krasnodar Russia. This is how they keep in touch. Vicky does the whole keep in touch thing, but since she learned how to blog by reading the old Dodge Stratus blog, she can’t help but get on a writing soap box every so often. I am so proud. Anyways, I thought she had a gem the other day so I wanted to post it here so that more than two people can be blessed by it.

“Some thoughts I have on dog walking. We finally have a good routine set up to walk our puppy. I walk her in the morning for 1/2 hour at least and Matt does evening duty when he gets home from work. I have really enjoyed my puppy walking time, it gives me time to think and pray and enjoy the morning, plus it’s almost 70 degrees here now and beautiful in the mornings. She teaches me a lot also on these walks, just about nature and discipline and life. This morning I was laughing at her because she was treasure hunting:) When we walk she picks up anything she can find on the ground; water bottles, Popsicle sticks, tissues, candy wrappers, sticks, whatever she can find. She is really cute about it because she will pick one up and look back at me with her tail wagging so as to show me her new treasure and off she runs to find another. The interesting thing is that when she gets to a new object there is always a few moments where she ponders picking up the new one because she realizes she will have to let the treasure go she currently has in her mouth. She always chooses the new one. Sometimes the new one is a better treasure sometimes it’s not.

It made me think about my mind and how I am the same way. I can only have one thing on my mind at a time, one thing that consumes my focus and to think about something new I have to let go of my current thought. I became extremely convicted about how often I quickly let go of the spiritual thoughts I have for silly sometimes downright sinful thoughts that cloud my mind all day.

2 cor 11:3 But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

I pray that I and us all would be less like my puppy and more focused upon Christ, so when the next shinny treasure is in front of us we could remain steadfast and focused on our Lord. I have been struggling with my thought life a lot lately and so desperately want to be focused on Christ and His work instead of my life, troubles, income, shopping and future which take up 99.9% of my brain power at the moment.
Funny how the spirit can teach you about walking with God through walking a puppy:)
love you


Two reasons why I don’t like Oden. One, I think your reasoning on taking Oden over Durrant is rock solid, that is if the NBA were the same defensively oriented, slow paced game it was in the 1990’s when you had do have a Oden like big man to win the title. Today’s game is much faster, and the hybrid-forward/center is becoming what the steady 25/12 center was in the 90’s.
Case in point:
While doing commentary on the Magic this week, Bill Walton bashed Dwight Howard for not being able to shoot, only jumping and dunking. SO what does Howard do on Friday night: jump over Tim Duncan (old school) with less than a second to play, for the game winner. Here’s the thing: everyone knew exactly what Orlando was going to do, and since Dwight Howard can jump close to Jesus, no one could stop him. This is not the NBA that a Greg Oden thrives in more than a Kevin Durrant.

Secondly; Have we not learned anything from the 2003 draft? If it could be done all over again, this is how the draft goes:
1. Wade
2. Carmelo
3. Lebron
4. Bosh
5. T.J. Ford
298. The Human Cigar

Why does Lebron get pushed to three? Toughness. A willingness to do whatever it takes to win. Balls. A heart. He doesn’t have any of these. Lebron will probably be the most talented player to ever put an NBA uniform on, but he doesn’t have the heart that makes Wade and Melo better. If you were down by 12 with four minutes to go, you would wish you had Wade. If you were down by 1 with 3 left on the clock you’d wish you had Melo. Can you think of a scenario when you would wish you had Lebron over these guys? I know. The thing is, you cannot teach this, either you have it or you don’t.

Earlier this season the Ohio State had to inform Greg Oden that no one has ever won the scoring title without shooting the ball. Do you think Tom Creen ever had to coerce Dwayne Wade to shoot more? Do you ever think Boehim ever had problems motivating Melo? Do you think Gary Barnet wishes Durrant would take more initiative in creating offense? This is not something you can teach, either you have it or you don’t.

All that to be said, Oden could still be a great pick. He could be a solid role player that helps a young stud win a championship. Durrant could be the young stud that needs a solid role player to win a championship. Which one is more valuable. Well, if you have the first pick, which one do you need?