Nothing really

I am not really sure what I should write about. Maybe having a blog is something that helps us find something to write about, but since I spend so much of my day writing right now it does not seem as appealing to me. Therefore I am just going to comment on a bunch of random things.

1. UNLV beat TCU: This is important because the game was not on at my house and I had to track it on the internet. After seeing that UNLV was down at halftime I quickly became discouraged and decided to turn off the Mac and hope for the best when I checked the score in the morning. Lord behold, we beat the snot out of TCU and some guy named Joel set a record for most blocks ever by a UNLV player. Also what the hell was up with only 10,000 fans showing up! That is lame. Just because we get blown out by the stormin mormons we decide to bail on our team? This is typical vegas for you.

2. UNLV has won 20 games. UNLV has won 20 games. UNLV has won 20 games. I could just keep typing this over and over and over and over (you get the point).

3. Seminary is hard this semester. Truth is I am really getting my ass handed to me with my James class this semester. I have exactly 28 days until my mammoth 40 page paper is due on my passage and I am really scared. Trying hard not to make a joke about a gay nba player coming out right now.

4. Greg Oden is not the sexier pick but he must be picked before Kevin Durant. This is really hard for me to write, but guys like Durant come along much more often than a Greg Oden. He is a coordinated big man, who has a complete game. This just does not ever come along in life. David Robinson is his closest comparison and that is why you have to take Oden.

5. It is hard to teach people theology. I am trying to communicate, or even awaken a desire in a number of the guys I lead for good theology, and why it matters in their lives. Truth is I am not really sure how to do it, especially when most people hate to read, unless it is a magazine and they are taking a dump. Now there is an idea for you Mr. Grudem make you systematic in a magazine format.

Well those are my five thoughts for right now, I am going to go work on my narrative flow for James 2:14-26, please pray for me.